Facial fracture causing loss of smell

For all but the most skilled operator, intubation of a thrashing, intoxicated trauma victim over a bronchoscope, may be quite difficult. The bones that form the bridge of the nose may be fractured, but cartilage may also be damaged, particularly the nasal septum that separates the two nostrils. If there is evidence of laryngotracheal trauma and the integrity of the laryngeal and subglottic mucosa is in question, endotracheal intubation may be extremely dangerous or further injure the larynx. A physical exam will be performed to check the face for signs of asymmetry one side appears different from the other and damage to motor functions movement. The child's teeth will be examined for looseness, and the muscles and nerves of the face will be evaluated. One researcher estimates that about 2 percent of all children or adolescents who participate in sports eventually suffer a facial injury severe enough to require medical attention.
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Olfactory Dysfunction in Nasal Bone Fracture

Many patients with radiologic evidence of inferior rectus herniation do not have clinical entrapment, while many patients in whom orbital fat herniates into the defect, but where the inferior rectus muscle remains in the orbit, have severe dysmotility. Usually, by three weeks after the injury, a decision regarding surgery can be made with respect to disabling diplopia. When an orbital floor fracture is suspected, the presence or absence of enophthalmos should be noted and the measurement of extraocular motility is vital. All nasal bone fractures have the potential for worsening of olfactory function. A nasal fracture may not only change the appearance of your nose; it could cause a septal perforation, deviated septum, loss of smell, and long-term breathing difficulty.
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Olfactory Dysfunction in Nasal Bone Fracture

Fractures of the mandible may be accompanied by broken or loose teeth. Nasal fractures, nasoorbital-ethmoidal fractures, ethmoidal fractures, frontal-Le Fort fractures, and nasal-Le Fort fractures did not determine any olfactory dysfunction. Correspondence: Sug Won Kim. In any case with positive findings on ocular exam or a complaint of an abnormality of vision of any kind, involving an ophthalmologist is mandatory. If there is a discharge from the nose, the doctor will look at it to see whether it contains cerebrospinal fluid, which would indicate damage to the bones of the skull as well as the nasal bones. In theory, posttraumatic olfactory dysfunction due to loss of air conduction should resolve with fracture reduction and cessation of mucosal edema.
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A nasal fracture may not only change the appearance of your nose; it could cause a septal perforation, deviated septum, loss of smell, and long-term breathing difficulty. The reader is referred to the selected references for a more detailed discussion of this interesting topic. Preinjury photos and dental records may provide this valuable information. One of the most difficult post-traumatic deformities to correct is telecanthus medial canthi too far apart. If muscle spasm prevents the jaw from moving back into alignment, a sedative is administered intravenously IV to relax the muscles.
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