Hairy womens navels

They were banished to earth because the ate the forbidden fruit. T navels have an average score of 5. I think the greater readiness of men to talk about and admit to such phenomena could also be a factor: women are more likely to find such matters distasteful! I became curious about how much navel fluff one person could generate enough to stuff a cushion, maybe? You can adjust your Cookie Preferences at the bottom of this page.

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Men`s hairy, shaved, navel macro.

Int J Health Sci Qassim. There are many other people collecting unusual things, such as air sickness bags, false teeth, parking meters, postage-paid envelopes, sugar packets - you name it, there is probably someone collecting it. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Is Your Makeup Unhealthy? In fact, there are many, many more bacterial cells on and in our bodies than actual human cells. Do you get belly button lint?

The Hairy Navel – Pride Source

An Austrian chemist claims he's discovered what makes that fuzz collect in the belly button. The article notes: "Accordingly, and to the author's personal experience, navel lint seems to be a phenomenon that affects primarily male adults. The author expresses gratitude to the patient for allowing the use of images for academic purposes. After proper part preparation and draping, a circumferential mark was made with a dark skin marker about 2cm inside the umbilicus Fig 1C. They are actually our first line of defense against external microbes and fight of germs and other bacteria. The night was steamy and stormy - too wet outside and too hot inside to do very much, and my attention drifted to my belly button. Two humans will never have identical belly buttons because the germs residing inside the scar are unique to each human.
As the photo shows, the volume collected is disappointingly small for such a long time, and I doubt I'll ever have enough to stuff a cushion, but it may be handy for something one day. In , Herbert Mayo first coined the term, pilonidal. How does your navel compare? Now cast your eyes upon the photo below and behold the unique sight of my priceless collection. Following the world record, I received a lot of media requests for interviews. Sexologist Yvonne Fullbright says that if a man manages to explore this particular scar on a woman properly, he might just unlock the doors to heaven that lies further south in her pants.
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